Universal - Kitchen Drainer Tray

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  • Universal - Kitchen Drainer Tray
  • Universal - Kitchen Drainer Tray
  • Universal - Kitchen Drainer Tray

As experts in the Kitchen Sink industry for over 28 years, we know how important your kitchen sink and its accessories are to your daily life. That’s why we developed this universally fitting stainless steel drainer tray to give your sink as much functionality as possible, making washing and drying that much simpler. It features a sloped edge to effectively drain dripping water from the draining board, whilst its rubber feet serve to hold it in place and protect your benchtop. It can be used as a detachable drainer extension for most sinks, so get yours today and see just how much easier life can be!


  • 440mm Length x 442mm Width x 10mm Height
  • Can be used as a detachable drainer extension universal to most sinks
  • Constructed from High quality 304 grade, 18/10 stainless steel
  • This drainer will most likely not fit over the top of most bowls but is rather designed to rest on your benchtop.
  • Features a sloped edge to effectively drain water from the draining board.


Cleaning Guide

About Our Stainless Steel:

For residential purposes, most stainless steel comes in one of two “grades”, called 304 and 316. 304 stainless steel is the most widely used, making up about 50% of all stainless steel produced, as it has very good corrosion resistance and is easily shaped. 304 stainless steel is always composed of at least 50% iron and less than 0.8% carbon, however other components can vary. The most common two variants are referred to as 18/8 and 18/10. That is 18% Chromium, 8% Nickel or 18% Chromium, 10% Nickel. The extra nickel content in 18/10 stainless steel provides a higher resistance to corrosion, while also giving a shinier appearance to the metal. Because of these benefits, all the stainless steel available at The Sink Warehouse is 304 stainless steel, with an 18/10 mix.

Stainless steel gains its corrosion resistance from a thin layer of chromium oxide that builds up on the surface of the metal, protecting it from any further oxidisation. It is important to keep this layer clear of dirt and other impurities to maximise the lifespan of your drainer. Cleaning stainless steel regularly is key to a long lifespan and preserving a high-quality appearance.

Day to Day Care:

After use, the drainer tray should be wiped with a soft cloth, rinsed, and wiped dry. When the mains water is hard, the steel must be wiped dry, as this prevents the build-up of a greyish film discolouration on the steel.

Cleaning Aids:

Avoid using harsh cleaning tools such as hydrochloric acid, steel wool, or metal scrubs. These will scratch the drainer tray and leave it looking dull and worn.

A diluted mixture of vinegar and water (1:10) will remove any mineral deposits that may build up.

If a steel polish is used to clean the drainer tray, be sure to use a soft damp cloth (microfibre works well) and wipe with the grain of the steel instead of across the grain. Rinse the polish with water when finished and buff with a soft, static-proof cloth.

What to Avoid:

Dropping Hard Materials:

Try to avoid dropping hard materials on the drainer tray. Inevitably stainless steel will scratch, however, to minimise this as much as possible, be cautious when using materials such as glass, ceramic, stone, or abrasives.


Containing hydrochloride will attack stainless steel and cause pitting and staining.

Silver Dip Cleaners:

These contain strong acids which attack stainless steel. The first sign of this is rainbow stain which turns dark grey and cannot be removed.

What if my Drainer is Rusting?

The stainless steel used at The Sink Warehouse contains an element known as Chromium which makes our products rust resistant. The drainer may appear to be rusting if iron particles from other materials have come in contact with your drainer tray and bound to the surface, at any point from manufacturing to installation. When these iron particles react with water, they will begin to rust, which is what you will be seeing. Any metal cleaner such as Autosol (supplied by The Sink Warehouse) will take this off with no trouble.

Important Notice

  • All stainless-steel products are constructed from 304, 18/10 grade stainless steel
  • It is strongly recommended that any cut-outs are made based on the individual product dimensions 
  • All pictures and drawings on this brochure are representational only, changes in the product may have occurred since time of print. 
  • All prices on this brochure and The Sink Warehouse website are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Information

delivery-icon-truck.jpg   This Product can be shipped Australia Wide.

delivery-icon-cal.jpg  Handling and Delivery can take up to 7-10 business days.

delivery-icon-box.jpg   Fees will be calculated at checkout based on region and item weight.


Can Stainless Steel Rust?

Stainless steel is rustproof, our products are coated ensuring that they will stay shining for years to come. If you see things such as reddish marks or if the drainer has come into contact with some rusty items, they can be washed away with a sponge and some stainless-steel washing liquid.

What Will Cause Marks on Your Stainless Steel?

The major culprit for marks is limescale deposits caused by water, from there they can gather dirt and create marks on your stainless steel, along with small iron and rust marks from pipes that can be removed with a damp cloth. If those marks remain, try a stainless-steel cleaning liquid to remove the final marks.

How Do I Prevent Marks on Stainless Steel?

Always remove dirt and limescale with immediate cleaning, squeeze detergent onto the soft side of your sponge and brush carefully before washing with water and rubbing dry with a microfibre cloth.

What Happens If It Scratches After A Few Weeks?

Try to avoid dropping hard materials on your drainer tray. Inevitably stainless steel will scratch, however, to minimise this as much as possible, be cautious when using materials such as glass, ceramic, stone, or abrasives. Scratches cannot be removed however the use of a Metal Cleaner such as Autosol can help shine up the sink again (this is supplied at The Sink Warehouse).

How Should I Clean My Drainer Tray?

Ensure your drainer is thoroughly rinsed after each use and is towel dried to prevent deposits. All drainer trays should be cleaned once a week with soapy water and a soft cloth. Use glass cleaner to wipe over the stainless steel as well as use polishing creams on existing scratches to ensure your stainless steel looks as perfect as you expect

Sink Options 

Pair The Universal Drainer With One Of Our Sinks, Thanks To The Sink Warehouse.

Pair our Universal Drainer Tray with any of the below options. The drainer will most likely not fit over the top of most bowls but is rather designed to rest on top of your benchtop.

Undermount / Under Bench Sinks

Switching to this style of sink is a simple yet effective way to bring your kitchen into the twenty-first century without spending a fortune. Undermount sinks are appealing because of their clean line aesthetics that de-clutter bench tops.


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Stainless Steel Options

Modern Square Edges

If it’s a modern look you’re after, a square kitchen sink is the way to go. All the rage right now, the minimalist square look will give your kitchen a contemporary and timeless feel. They’re also naturally larger than their round counterparts leaving you with more bowl space to work with.


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Traditional Rounded Edges - Round Sinks do not have sharp edges, they consist of beautiful soft round edges which are perfect for easy cleaning. Sinks with rounded edges are ideal for anyone looking to replace their pre-existing traditional sink.


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Granite Sinks

If you want a long-lasting, beautiful-looking sink for many years to come, then your next sink should be a composite granite sink! Composite granite sinks are specially engineered stone that use granite composite material consisting of 80% granite/quartz and 20% resin/acrylic, which makes the final product much less porous than pure granite and increases its hardiness and longevity. Granite sinks are durable, heat-resistant, fade-resistant, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and colour consistent (anti-fade).


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Warranty Information

**1 Year Replacement Product Warranty**

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*Product replacement does not include installation or removal of the original product*.

Check product for damage before installation - Installing a damaged product voids warranty.

The Sink Warehouse has over 28 Years experience in After Sale Care & Service, It is this Sink Warehouse care that sees so many customers come back to us.


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