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Traviata 150 - Granite Sink

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980 mm
500 mm
200 mm
27 Litres
11 Litres
Black or White
Luisigranit Composite Granite
Two Bowls
With Drainer
10 Year Replacement Warranty
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  • Traviata 150 - Granite Sink
  • Traviata 150 - Granite Sink
  • Traviata 150 - Granite Sink
  • Traviata 150 - Granite Sink

Our Traviata Sinks are crafted with the highest quality Luisigranit, with unmatched perfection they are as incredible visually as they are functional, containing both style and substance for your kitchen. This sink provides durability and its construction means it is resistant to heat, scratches, stains and impacts. We highly recommend this sink if you want a heavy usage sink that retains its good looks over time. Its anti-bacterial properties create a unique anti-bacterial hygienic surface protecting you from possible germs and bacteria. Our Traviata Range provides soundproofing capabilities such as the density of the Luisigranit, it gives you greater comfort and a feeling of premium construction. We're incredibly proud of our Traviata Range and we would love for you to join in that same passion for premium Luisigranit Sinks at incredible prices. 

  • Made In Italy
  • The Traviata 150 is a large, modern, rounded, double-bowl composite granite sink
  • 980mm long x 500mm wide x 200mm deep
  • Constructed from Luisigranit:
  • Luisigranit is composed of 80% quartz (the hardest element of granite), 20% acryl (a high-quality polymer) and colour pigment
  • Its high-quality materials and construction make it heat resistant, scratch-resistant, stain resistant, and impact resistant
  • The smooth Luisigranit stone makes it easy to clean
  • The antibacterial properties create a highly hygienic surface
  • The density of the Luisigranit stifles all sounds making for comfortable use
  • Features one full-sized bowl, one-half bowl and a drainer for a high degree of functionality and comfort
  • Available in left or right-hand bowl variations
  • Available in either Black or White
  • Supplied with two 90mm basket wastes
  • No overflow
  • Match your Black Granite Sink with our Black Sink Mixers to perfect your Kitchen Sink Package
  • Match your White Granite Sink with our High Gloss Chrome Sink Mixers or our Brushed Nickel Sink Mixers to perfect your Kitchen Sink Package

Find Out More About Why Your Next Sink Should Be Composite Granite.

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Why Choose Our Granite Sinks?

Our Granite Sinks are incredibly easy to clean, if you spill or drop anything in your sink a simple wash afterwards from your mixer will remove almost all staining. This combined with its resistances to heat, stains, cracks and impacts means you are getting the most durable sink available. The Granite construction gives you irresistible looks combined with untouched quality.

Can Our Granite Sinks Change Colour Over Time?

Our Granite Sinks are resistant to colour fading and changes with their solid construction, it ensures that no matter what is thrown at it, the strong finish will remain. It is very difficult to even create dark marks on your sink and they can be cleaned simply with a sponge and washing up liquid.

How Do I Prevent Marks On My Sink?

Your Sink can be looked after with warm water, clothes and scouring pads. You must ensure when there are the rare limescale deposits that they are cleaned with hot water and a limescale cleaning agent overnight. This will ensure your sink wakes up the next morning looking as spotless as ever.

How Resistant Is My New Sink?

Your new granite sink is incredibly resistant to scratches, cracks, stains, heat and impacts. This strength in its construction being more than just a coating gives you the confidence in your kitchen. This hygienic sink has such anti-bacterial properties that mean once thoroughly cleaned you won’t have to worry about dirt or any unsafe substances.

What Type Of Sink Should I Buy?

There are two types of sink shaping both of which have advantages, the round/curved edges are amazing to look at and easier to clean with the drawbacks being the difficulty with larger pans and pots. The square sinks are a lot more functional with their much greater capacity and often cheaper costs


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Warranty Information

10 Year Replacement Product Warranty* / 2 Year Parts & Labour

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*Product replacement does not include installation or removal of the original product.

Check product for damage before installation - installing a damaged product voids warranty.

The Sink Warehouse has over 26 Years experience in After Sale Care & Service, It is this Sink Warehouse care that sees so many customers come back to us.


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