Aquila - Single Twist Lock Retro Kit

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This kit is only needed when upgrading from an older filter system or where there was a previous system installed. 

Under bench kitchen water filter system

12 month long life cartridge 

Quick and easy to replace 

Includes standard water filter faucet

Carbon filter effectively removes bad taste, odour, dirt, mud, slime, algae, parasitic cysts

Does NOT remove fluoride or essential minerals

Reasons to Upgrade: 

  1. Easy installation from old to new. (See replacement guide for instructions)
  2. Simpler to replace the cartridge
  3. Long life cartridge lasts 12 months
  4. Quality cartridge and housing manufactured in the USA
  5. Slimmer more modern unit

Replacement Guide

Replacement Instructions for Single Twist Lock Filter System Retro Kit:

  1. Turn off isolating valve
  2. Turn on water filter faucet to release pressure
  3. Using your nail, press the little ring around where the hose goes into the cartridge and pull out hoses. 
  4. Dispose of old filter system
  5. Mount new filter system in place of old filter system
  6. Reconnect hoses into new filter system
  7. Turn on water outlet
  8. Let system run for a few minutes to flush cartridge


The water may appear milky the first few days after changing. This is only air released from the carbon pores and is safe to drink. 

Water flow reduction usually indicates a clogged filter cartridge.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Replacement Warranty
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