Aquila - In Line Twist Lock Carbon Cartridge (WFAQ7080)

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Water Filters
1 Year Replacement Warranty

The Aquila WFAQ7080 water filter is designed as a replacement filter for the WFAQ7000 in-line filter system. The filter removes bad taste, odour, dirt, mud, slime, algae, parasitic cysts from your water, but leaves essential minerals such as fluoride and calcium.

This system connects to you main water tap ensuring that all cold water coming out your tap is filter. 


The Aquila In Line Twist Lock Cartridge (WFAQ7080) is a carbon water filter

• To be used with the Aquila In Line Twist Lock Filter System (WFAQ7000)

• Will remove bad taste, odour, dirt, mud, slime, algae, parasitic cysts from your water, but leaves essential minerals such as fluoride and calcium

• Ensures that when you're washing fruit, vegetables and dishes, it's done as hygienically as possible

• A great and easy alternative to replaceable jug and bottle water filters 

• Replacing water filter cartridges are as easy as changing a light bulb - just twist and lock!

• 5 micron

• Has an approximate 12 month lifespan before needing to be replaced

Replacement Guide

Replacement Instructions for In-line Twist Lock Filter System:

  1. Turn off isolating valve
  2. Turn on water filter faucet to release pressure
  3. Twist cartridge clockwise, this may require gently wriggling the cartridge out of the holder
  4. Discard used cartridge
  5. Place new cartridge in holder, the ridges on the cartridge will need to line up with those in the holder for it to fit properly
  6. Twist the cartridge anti-clockwise
  7. Turn on water outlet
  8. Let system run for a few minutes to flush cartridge


 • The water may appear milky the first few days after changing. This is only air released from the carbon pores and is safe to drink. 
 • Water flow reduction usually indicates a clogged filter cartridge.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Product Replacement Warranty

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*Product replacement does not include installation or removal of the original product.

Check product for damage before installation - installing a damaged product voids warranty.

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