What Type Of Bath Suits Your Bathroom?

What Type Of Bath Suits Your Bathroom?

Bathrooms need the correct type of bath to make them standout and to offer you the best functionality. The Sink Warehouse have a wide range of baths that give the room a centrepiece that draws the eye. For that reason the type of bath are so important. Thankfully at The Sink Warehouse we have just what you are looking for. With dozens to choose from ranging in size and style we will find the type just for you.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths really are the pinnacle of bathroom visionary, the contemporary design together with the correct placement brings new life to your bathroom. The creation of the space like feeling without having walls to restrict them. Allowing the bath to complement your whole room’s styling.

Our Freestanding Baths come in the 1500mm Size and the 1700mm Size.

We sell them in two main finishes, our white variant and our black shell white interior variant.

Freestanding bathtubs require a tiled and waterproof floor, and at least 100–150mm of space on all sides. Plumbing can restrict where you put them, with most wall-mounted bath taps reaching 250mm from the wall.

Inset Baths

Inset Baths are the perfect bath for your bath/shower combo, the containment of water also means it is set up best for families with kids.

Our Inset Baths have a range of sizes from 1380 to 1800mm giving you the flexibility to find the perfect bath to fit your bathroom.

Inset Baths are installed up against a wall and are set on a frame. Tapware can be wall mounted or fixed to the frame around the bath.

Measure Up Your Bathroom

It is imperative that you get the measurements of your bathroom correct to ensure you get the best look for your room. This will give you the greatest understanding of what is and isn’t achievable and where you should be looking in terms of bath styling. You also want to ensure that you are able to get the bath into your bathroom and through the doorway. This ensures there are no last minute frustrations with your bath. These are the important measurements to look out for;

  • Overall length
  • Overall width
  • Basin length and width (i.e. inside of the bath)
  • Overall height
  • Soaking depth.

Choosing Your Bath Size and Style

Once you combine these measurements with your designs we are able to find the exact bath you need. Find inspiration from our website and our wide ranges of baths where we are sure one will suit you.

Using your bath as a reference we can them work on the suitable taps, tiles and basins that would complete your bathroom look. Our extensive range means you can be assured that you will find all you need at The Sink Warehouse.

Talk To A Plumber

When renovating your bathroom you may find that the plumbing was done different in the past to the modern day plumbing practices. We recommend speaking to a licensed plumber before purchasing any plumbing required items such as baths to make sure they can be installed correctly.

Buy Your Bath

This is the best bit as you get to buy your Sink Warehouse bath.

3rd Aug 2021 The Sink Warehouse

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