The Sink Warehouse delivers 5 Star World Class Quality & Service

The Sink Warehouse delivers 5 Star World Class Quality & Service

What some of our customers have to say...

The Sink Warehouse solves a space issue with the perfect fit...

Valarie.W : - Great Fit

Great! Fits into one of my sinks perfectly. As bench space is limited and the sinks are almost flush with the refrigerator on the right hand side, to have the dish drainer inside the right hand sink is perfect. Have hunted high and low until my sister found this stainless steel one to replace an old one that was rusting.

The Sink Warehouse world class service saves Mike $520 ...

Mike : - Very Impressed

           Had a sink mixer which was humming when other taps were turned on.Plumbers quoted up to $520 to fix. Went to Sink Warehouse Myaree for a replacement and casually commented that I bought the mixer from them a few years ago but did not have receipt.They said I would still be in the system and there is a 5 year warranty. Within a few days a replacement part had been mailed out following a phone call from head office plus an Allen key to help.No plumber required.. No charge and now all fixed. Very impressed. Saved me a lot of money no thanks to plumbers. 

The Sink Warehouse offers clients a great service and a website that is easy to use ...

Tony F : - Good Service and Easy to Order

           On line purchase of replacement faucet an easy process with goods delivered to pickup location quickly.

31st Dec 2019 The Sink Warehouse

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