Handmade Square Sinks For Your Kitchen And Laundry

Handmade Square Sinks For Your Kitchen And Laundry

Square Sinks 

Our latest range of square sinks have become immensely popular – enough to warrant an article dedicated to them alone!

Stunning: Country-style kitchen with beautiful modern square sink

The square style sinks have been growing in popularity following the general trend for squarer, modern-looking bathroom, kitchen and laundry products. Not only do they give more capacity than a round sink making them more practical, but they look ultra-modern and beat older-style round sinks with their aesthetic. Often, square sinks come with a brushed stainless steel finish so they look better for longer, making them perfect for any newly built or renovated kitchen or laundry. Recognising this, we recently introduced our Tech range of sinks...

The Tech Range  

The Tech range encompasses a huge variety of sizes to fit into almost any space. These sinks are all handmade from 304 grade 18/10 stainless steel and feature 1.2mm thickness. The handmade method of manufacturing the Tech sinks helps to give them the sought after square style, however not to an extent where the corners are at 90 degree angles which are impossible to clean in!Square Undermount Sink in kitchen with gooseneck tap These sinks are purposefully made to have rounded corners, and have a natural decline towards the waste hole which makes them practical for draining, as well as giving them a beautiful aesthetic.

Another benefit of the Tech sinks is that their thickness and heavy insulation on the underside of the bowls muffles the noise of water hitting the sink, which is an issue with thinner stainless steel sinks.

Our range includes small, single bowl sinks which are designed for narrow bench tops and small spaces. These are perfect for sculleries, island bench tops, laundries, and as a space saver. They can also be top- or under-mounted to suit either preference. Double bowl sinks are also available in various styles, varying from undermounted double bowls, to one full bowl and a half bowl sinks with a drainer. See the main styles of double bowl sinks below:

Double bowl handmade square sinks in various formations

These beautiful sinks are guaranteed for 25 years, and have their own range of custom sink accessories to match, including a detachable drainer tray, roll up drain mat, chopping board, strainer bowl, and a wire basket for dishes. Combined with these accessories, the Tech sinks are immensely practical for everyday use in the kitchen. Matching square tapware is available to complete the modern aesthetic.

These sinks are sleek, stylish and will give any kitchen or laundry space a modern edge. More importantly their features like rounded corners in the bowl, insulation, and accessories make these sinks practical for comfortable use every single day.

31st Dec 2019 The Sink Warehouse

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