2023 Cash Or The Kitchen Sink Competition

Before Renovation

Demolition of Previous Kitchen 


Here’s our Q&A with the winners of our 'Cash or the Kitchen Sink' competition. We went out to the lovely home of Roger & Virginia to find out why they entered and who they told first, when they won.


Q: How do you use your kitchen now? Entertaining? Breaky? Just the two of you?

A: Roger: It's just the two of us, but our kitchen is the heart of our home! We use it every day for everything. Whoever gets home from work first takes on the role of dinner prep, and we take turns mastering our culinary skills.


Q: What delicious dishes do you whip up in your kitchen? Any favourite recipes?

A: Virginia: Oh, we have quite the menu! Our top contenders are curries, roast dinners, pasta creations, and mouthwatering prawn dishes. We love experimenting with flavours and trying new recipes. Our kitchen is a canvas for all our cooking fun.

The New Kitchen Build 


Q: So, why did you enter the 'Cash or the Kitchen Sink' competition?

A: Roger: Well, it was a stroke of genius, really. It had been a big week with Virginia's birthday and Mother's Day coinciding, and we had been discussing her desire for a new kitchen. When I heard about the competition, I thought, why not take a chance? It was the perfect opportunity to surprise her and fulfill her kitchen dreams.


Q: What motivated you to seek a new kitchen?

A: Virginia: Our current kitchen is like a sneaky storage ninja—it's lacking space! We struggle to access cabinets and find ourselves juggling pots and pans just to get to what we need. It's time for a change, more storage, and a layout that makes cooking a breeze.


Q: Who was the first person you shared the incredible news of winning the competition with?

A: Virginia: I couldn't contain my excitement! I dashed into another room to tell our daughter, Zoe, who happened to be at home that morning. Meanwhile, Roger was still on the phone, chatting away with Clairsy and Lisa on 96FM Perth. It was a joyous moment that we'll always remember.

The Final Reveal


Q: Could you share the aspect you dislike the most about your current kitchen?

A: Roger: Ah, the lack of storage is our nemesis! It's frustrating not having enough space to neatly organize our kitchen essentials. And let's not forget the layout—it's like playing a game of Tetris every time we cook. Oh, and we dream of having a dishwasher, too!


Q: Do you have any visions for your new kitchen? Any particular colors or standout features?

A: Virginia: Absolutely! We've got some ideas brewing. First and foremost, we're looking for plenty of deep drawers. My friend has them, and they're like magic. When you open them, everything is beautifully displayed and easily accessible. We're also craving more storage options and, of course, a shiny new dishwasher to make cleanup a breeze.

Roger & Virginia Grand Reveal