Purchase European Made Benchtops


by The Sink Warehouse

Explore the latest addition to The Sink Warehouse's lineup – European-Made Laminate Benchtops.


Whether you prefer a DIY approach or want us to handle the customisation for you, these benchtops are available in two convenient sizes: 2000mm x 620mm x 28mm OR 3600mm x 620mm x 28mm.


At the moment this product is available via Click'n' Collect.


Indulge in choice with our European-Made Laminate Benchtops, offering a palette of 8 distinct colours or shades. Featuring a Squareform 3mm radius, these benchtops exude a premium and luxurious feel.


Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our new laminate benchtops – a seamless addition to your space.


Explore the colour swatches below to find your ideal match.

Marble or Stone Look

Timber Look

Concrete Look

Solid Colour

Upgrade Your Kitchen with The Sink Warehouse's
European-Made Laminate Benchtops!

Upgrade Your Kitchen with The Sink Warehouse's European-Made Laminate Benchtops!


Q: What makes The Sink Warehouse's European-Made Laminate Benchtops a great choice for my kitchen?


A: These laminate benchtops are a stylish and budget-friendly option, allowing you to create the perfect kitchen or laundry look with a range of colors and finishes. Updating the benchtops only is a great way to add instant impact to any room.


Q: What exactly are laminate benchtops made of?

A: Crafted through compression, laminate benchtops consist of layers, including reinforced plastic, a block of engineered moisture-resistant wood like MDF, and a decorative paper sheet. The inclusion of decorative paper provides a wide array of options for colors and finishes, giving you ample choices for the perfect look in laminate benchtops.


Q: Why should I choose The Sink Warehouse for my laminate benchtop needs?


A: The Sink Warehouse is your go-to for stylish yet practical options when it comes to Kitchen & Laundry renovations, we supply it all from taps to toilets, sinks and troughs plus of course quality cabinetry, having a supplier that can provide the benchtops makes The Sink Warehouse your one stop renovation shop. Plus out benchtops are affordable, durable, and easy to clean, making them perfect for any home.


Q: Can I trust The Sink Warehouse for my DIY home renovation?**


A: Without a doubt! With three decades (30 years) of operation, The Sink Warehouse has been a reliable choice for homeowners. Proudly owned and operated from Osborne Park in WA, we have expanded our presence with stores across Perth and one in Dandenong, Victoria. Count on The Sink Warehouse – a trusted and proven business for your DIY home renovation needs. If you need any evidence just ask us for testimonials, and you can see our work in our Kitchen Inspo Books (instore & online).


Q: Are laminate benchtops dependable?


A: Yes, as long as they are installed and maintained properly. Their durability, affordability, and resistance to stains and scratches make them a popular choice.

Q: Are they heat-resistant?

A: While not as heat-resistant as some materials, we recommending use trivets or heat pads to protect your laminate benchtop from damage or warping. As with most items in your home, if you look after them and follow the manufacturers instructions, they'll last a long time.


Q: How do I clean and maintain my laminate benchtop?

A: Keep it simple! Regularly clean with mild soap and warm water, avoiding harsh cleaners to maintain its pristine appearance. A microfibre cloth would be ideal, and remember don't scrub, or you could damage the surface.


Q: What are the benefits of installing a new kitchen or laundry benchtop?
1. Additional workspace.
2. Improved organization.
3. Increased property value.
4. Aesthetic appeal.
5. Durability.
6. Easy maintenance.