Aquila - 0.5 Micron Cartridge (WFAQ2020)

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6 month cartridge

0.5 micron carbon filter is twice as effective as a standard 1 micron filter

Removes bad taste, odour, dirt, mud, slime, algae, parasitic cysts 

Does NOT remove fluoride or essential minerals

Replacement Guide

Replacement Instructions for 0.5 Micron Cartridge:

  1. Turn off isolating valve
  2. Turn on water filter faucet to release pressure
  3. Unscrew filter housing canister
  4. Discard used cartridge
  5. Clean inside canister & O-Ring with warm water and cloth
  6. Place new cartridge in canister
  7. Ensure O-Ring is in place 
  8. Screw canister onto head
  9. Slowly turn on inlet valve to expel air and initiate water flush
  10. Let system run for a few minutes to flush cartridge


The water may appear milky the first few days after changing. This is only air released from the carbon pores and is safe to drink. 

Water flow reduction usually indicates a clogged filter cartridge.

Please Note

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Warranty Information

1 Year Replacement Warranty
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