Modern Ideas: Ceiling Mounted Spout

Bathrooms are spaces that we utilise everyday, and their importance is far greater than we give credit for. Make a statement and create a truly unique bathroom experience by installing a ceiling mounted spout. Inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water, a ceiling mounted spout transforms the common faucet into a stylistic, designer object. Minimalist and eye-catching, it challenges all preconceived notions as to what a faucet can be by emerging straight down from the bathroom ceiling. This innovative idea can be perfectly complimented with a freestanding pedestal basin, to create a modern bathroom design that emanates elegance and beauty. 

High-quality ceiling basin spouts are constructed from either solid DR brass or stainless steel. These materials are capable of withstanding corrosion from the high mineral content contained in Australia’s domestic water supply to ensure countless years of life and function. The ceiling mounted spout comes in a wide array of finishes, most commonly in shiny chrome or silvered metal, but also in the striking all black or white. Before installation, consider the placement of the spout in relation to your bathroom mirror. If you have limited space and only room for a small mirror behind the spout, using your mirror could become a tricky process. Selecting an over-sized mirror or even a second mirror for your bathroom is recommended to avoid potential inconveniences. 

The ceiling mounted spout is a revolutionary design concept that oozes style. It challenges traditional conventions and its addition is guaranteed to transform any bathroom into a refreshing, contemporary space. 


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