Internet Sales – Exceptional Customer Service!


Dear Helen,

We want to thank you sincerely for expediting the order and delivery of our
ceramic trough.  We ordered it on 23 December and, to our surprise, you
reacted on a Saturday and forwarded the order to dispatch.,  Dispatch
forwarded the trough on 28 December (email attached) with an ETA of
03.01.18.  Indeed, it was in Adelaide on 03.01.18 but we had to follow up
with Toll to ensure its delivery to us on 04.01.18.

Unfortunately for us this was an urgent order when the original trough
ordered by our builder was too large.  In order not to hold up our reno any
more than has already happened, we hustled to search the web, found you, and
you assisted us greatly in getting things back on track with the expeditious
delivery of the replacement trough.

With Christmas and New Year intervening, we thank you and all so much for
your exceptional Customer Service.

Tom and Christine

Related Team Member:

Name: Helen
Title: Store Manager & Internet Sales Representative