Naples - Rimless Wall Hung Nano Glaze Toilet

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Rimless Technology
5 Year Product Warranty
  • Naples - Rimless Wall Hung Nano Glaze Toilet
  • Naples - Rimless Wall Hung Nano Glaze Toilet
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The Naples is a rimless pan bringing together elegance with cutting edge technology. Its incredible views are complemented by the ceramic build and premium finish. The soft close technology means you enjoy a peaceful finish to every flush and the nano glaze ensures an anti-bacterial barrier which prevent dirt and grime settling inside your toilet. This versatility is taken another step further with the top back inlet which gives you greater flexibility. The dual flush technology is consistent in providing you 4.5/3 litre flushes from your toilet, both incredible powerful and efficient. The Naples is one of the most popular pan toilets at The Sink Warehouse with its long term integrity, ease to handle and sparkling finish, it's no wonder our customers enjoy them so much and we're sure you will to.

  • The Naples rimless pan is a modern, elegant system that uses cutting edge flushing mechanisms aimed at increasing flushing power and water efficiency.
  • With it's rimless flushing technology and nano glazed pan, the Naples is one of the most powerful and toughest toilet out there!
  • Nano glazing surface
  • Highest quality vitreous ceramic
  • Slimline Seat  (ISC93) - Ergonomic UF and quick release soft close seat
  • Top Back Inlet 
  • P-Trap: IS15 180mm
  • Set Out: 65-200mm


WELS Licence Number 1383
WELS Registration Code L04714
WELS Star Rating 4


Important Notice

 • All dimensions of all ceramic products may vary from size guidelines due to material properties and the handmade manufacturing process.

 • All pictures and drawings on this brochure are representational only, changes in the product may have occurred since time of print. 

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What Is A Pan Connector?

A Pan Connector is the outlet that connect the opening of the toilet pan to the pipe meaning your toilet can work as efficiently as possible, the sizing needed varies on how large your extension needs to be and our pan connectors adjust accordingly. This is why we ask for your connection length. Our Pan Connectors are of the highest quality ensuring you get a long last quality toilet flush.

What Is Nano Glaze?

The NanoGlaze is a special anti-bacterial glaze that is applied to the inside of the toilet bowl during the manufacturing process that is fired on under intense heat. This glaze helps prevent the build-up of germs and other nasties on the inside of your toilet. On top of this, the glazing also acts to close up the surface of the ceramic. While all ceramic is fairly smooth, there are always small bumps on the surface, only a few nanometres apart. The glazing that is applied and the extra high heat that is used act to minimise these bumps and create the smoothest possible ceramic. This smooth finish make it possible to keep your toilet clean with just a few strokes of the brush, no need for excessive scrubbing or noxious chemicals.

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Warranty Information

5 Year Replacement*

1 Year Parts & Labour

1 Year Replacement on Seat

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*Product replacement does not include installation or removal of the original product.

Check product for damage before installation - installing a damaged product voids warranty.

The Sink Warehouse has over 26 Years experience in After Sale Care & Service, It is this Sink Warehouse care that sees so many customers come back to us.


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